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The Entrepreneurs Journals

Welcome to The Entrepreneurs Journals!

Thanks for comings to my blog. My name is Zach Kearse; I am a young entrepreneur from Colorado. This website for young entrepreneurs like me who are trying to work their way to success. It is hard being an entrepreneur. Going to work day after day, saving what you make for  startups and gaining experience needed to run your business. The start of an entrepreneur’s career is very difficult; that is why so many entrepreneurs fail. At the beginning you must learn basic business skills which can take years to learn.

The journey to success in entrepreneurship is very long, but learning basic business skills will take years off this process. Skills and tricks of business are passed down in the trade or learned but trial and error. One must learn many skills such as customer service skills, time management, client prospecting, data analysis, ect., in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Although a lot must be learned through personal experience, being knowledgable and educating yourself is just as important and will make this journey much easier. Trust me, you want to learn from shared knowledge rather than failure. So allow me to save you time and money.

Startup resources are provided on this website to help launch your business. These resources include: business ebooks, ecourses, and a library full of helpful business articles.

Use this site as a resource to launch your business.

Here are some business articles articles to get started!


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