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5 Interview Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

I have had a few people ask me why I have a post about interviews when this blog is for entrepreneurs. By definition, entrepreneurs are business starters so they would not be going to interviews. However, I rely heavily on the business experience I have obtained in my past jobs. I believe the fastest route to success for a young entrepreneur is to get a few years of business experience and learn from others before trying to make it on your own. There are many entrepreneurs who are successful and living the life you dream of, so find those people and learn under them!

The interviews process can be intimidating. Every aspect about you is being analyzed and noted. A job decision many times comes down to one factor that separates a candidate from their peers. The first impression is one of the most important parts of the interview. In many cases the employer knows if they are going to hire the candidate in the first 10 seconds. it is important to confident and prepared so that you will be the candidate they remember.

Here are 5 interview tips for young entrepreneurs.

1. Research

Before going into an interview, research who is interviewing you. It is important to know who you may be working for and if it is a good fit, not only for the company but for yourself. Most companies will have a career page explaining what they look for and expect in employees. Use this to your advantage! This is basically a cheat sheet to the interview.


Safety, people, trust, responsibility, collaboration and continuous improvement.

This is from colorado springs utilities,

This is from Colorado Springs Utilities, a local company near me. If you were applying to work here, you would know that safety, people, trust, responsibility, collaboration and continuous improvement are important to them. During the interview, mention those core values and how they may apply to you. If you do your research on a company and bring up specifics of their business in the conversation, they will be impressed!

2. Attire

Yes! Employers do care how you dress. I have literally ended an interview before it started because of attire. If you care about getting a job, you need to show the employer through your attire. So, DO NOT WEAR JEANS TO AN INTERVIEW. Wear appropriate attire. Unless it is a very casual job and they specifically tell you jeans are fine, you should dress to impress. Try to out dress the interviewer. Dressing up for an interview shows respect for the employer and that the candidate is serious about the job. For most jobs I would suggest always defaulting to business professional: suit and tie or business dress or skirt.

I have only experienced two people over dressing in interviews I’ve performed. First, there was a gentleman who came in wearing a tux. Just don’t wear a tux to an interview, take my word for it! The second gentleman was a prince from Africa. He was very rich and came in with a cane, top hat and a tiger fur scarf. REAL TIGER HIDE! Like straight off of Tony the freaking tiger!

Also, a part of dressing professionally is your clothes fitting properly. Look sharp and clean and wear clothes that fit you right. Don’t wear clothes that are too big or too tight. And lastly, shine your shoes, iron your clothes and leave the bottom button of your jacket or vest unbuttoned.

3. Handshake

Firm and confident. As a manager I have been very impressed and very unimpressed by handshakes. Handshakes tell a lot about a person, and what employers want are confident, respectful people. Show that in your handshake! The handshake should be confident and firm.

4. Prepare your answers

We all know the common interview questions: Tell me about yourself? Why are you a good fit for this company? etc. Prepare for these! You know these basic questions are going to be asked during the interview so practice in the mirror to get your response down. Remember, first impression is key. Also, if you did your research on the company, you may be able to guess what they may ask.

5. Ending

At the end, review why you are a good fit for the position. This is the closing of a sales pitch and you have to show the employer you have the skills they need, share the same values, and will get the job done. Regardless of the result, always make sure to thank the interviewer for their time and end with a firm, respectful handshake. These managers are hard at work interviewing many candidates and their time is very valuable.

I hope that I have given you some good tips that will help. If you use any of these tips for upcoming interviews, let me know how it goes!

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