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7 Essential Qualities For Your Startup Team

7 qualities for your startup team

Your startup team is an essential element to your company’s success. Each employee plays a crucial role in how the company operates and develops. Entrepreneurs usually have tight budgets, so hiring the wrong worker can cause significant damage to your potential success. It helps to be picky when choosing new hires. You want to get the right people if you want your company to succeed.

Make sure that your startup team has these essential qualities:

1. Passion.

This one should go without saying, but passion is significant for your future employees to have. Your workers should love what they do, and their passion should drive them to work hard and perform well. When interviewing candidates for the position, take note on how much prior research they had done on your company and business field. Passionate candidates would know your company values and mission prior to the interview.

2. Experience.Of course, the amount of required experience varies depending on which role you are trying to fill, but it is a good idea to have employees who already know how to get the job done. Remember that you should look beyond an employee’s title or time spent in specific roles and focus on how much real-life, hands-on experience they received at their job. Carefully examine their resume for transferable skills that might be useful, even if they don’t exactly fit the job description.

3. Determination.

Your employees must be willing to work hard and put in the effort required. Determination often comes as a result of passion, discipline, and focus. Without these traits, it will be difficult for your employee to succeed. A startup needs hard workers to meet its goals. Unmotivated employees will only waste your time and money.

4. Culture.

How you shape your company culture depends on each new hire you bring to the team. You must determine what kind of company culture you want your business to have and make hiring decisions to create and develop that culture. It’s best to start the culture from the ground up. The earlier you start to build culture, the better. A company in its infancy is ready for its founder to create and foster a meaningful culture that will last for years to come.

5. Complementary skills.

Is one of your employees great at coding, but bad at marketing? Perhaps they excel at delivering speeches, but cannot deal with customers. Your startup team should have a diverse range of skills. Of course, every person has their flaws, so you need to make sure that your employees can cover other employees’ weaknesses.

6. Collaboration.

Your team will not function efficiently if the members cannot work well together. Establish a group of individuals who can work well both by themselves and with other employees. If they can work well together, they can get things done much faster and more efficiently.

7. Diversity.

It’s important that all employees are in line with your business goals and core values but a diverse workforce not only looks great for your company but also provides some very significant benefits. A team comprised of people with different backgrounds, skills, and beliefs will be able to develop a vast range of creative ideas and will know how to market towards a diverse audience. It is easiest to build a diverse team early on, so keep that in mind when looking for new hires.

Running a startup is no easy job. Smaller companies place a higher value on individual employees. You’ll need a team of well-trained individuals who can contribute their best effort to your success. Each person plays a vital role in the startup’s success, so choose wisely. Don’t be too hasty when it comes to hiring new people. It’s okay to take the right amount of time to determine who fits best in your company.

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8 thoughts on “7 Essential Qualities For Your Startup Team

  1. Kearsz
    Nadine Richardson

    Went through the list and this definitely makes sense. I will keep this in mind while recruiting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kearsz

    I’m glad I came across this ! This will come in handy when if I hire people for my photography business. All of these qualities play an important part in adding people to your team.

  3. Kearsz

    I used to be a Corporate trainer and was often brought in to create teams out of a diverse group of people. Your points are all totally valid when recruiting, but turning those people into a cohesive team needs work once they have been employed. Team building is a necessity that a lot of business owners fail to do and then wonder why there is conflict.

    • Kearsz

      Thanks for the great comment Karen! That is so true, you must develop your new team members into employees who work effectively in your team.

  4. Kearsz

    Having a diversity in a team is a hardest thing I believe to have. Team building in startups is critical as your team is the only entity who have to believe and work for your goals.

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