About Me:

My name is Zach Kearse. I am a young entrepreneur from Colorado.  I grew up in a military family so I have been around the block (41/50 states) but Colorado is my favorite state. I love to travel. My girlfriend and I take multiple trips throughout the year and are planning on doing more this upcoming year! The picture below is from our disneyland trip!

More about me:

I love sports! I have played sports since I could walk all the way up to playing college football and competing in NCAA track and field. Although I have hung up the cleats, I still closely follow football! In college I studied Business Marketing and Administration. This degree goes along with the experience I gain working with multiple sales and marketing companies during high school and college. Although I am still in college working toward my Bachelor degree, I hate school. I am your typical entrepreneur that wants to go out and make it on my own without waisting time in a classroom. However, I see the importance in educating myself so I am finishing my degree. After completion, I plan to start a manufacturing company and travel more over seas.

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