7 qualities for your startup team

7 Essential Qualities For Your Startup Team

Your startup team is an essential element to your company’s success. Each employee plays a crucial role in how the company operates and develops. Entrepreneurs usually have tight budgets, so hiring the wrong worker can cause significant damage to your potential success. It helps to be picky when choosing new hires. You want to get the

5 Early Mistakes All Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

As an entrepreneur, your journey will absolutely be filled with trials and error. Some mistakes can be ignored and treated as life lessons. Others are so damaging that it’s best to learn about them before it’s too late. Entrepreneurs are so focused on making enough for the company startup that they forget the small details

5 Accounting Tips Every Small Business Should Understand

Did you know that accurate accounting plays a vital role in whether your small business lives or dies? Many small business owners think of accounting as a dreaded task they would rather avoid. however, there are easy ways to manage your books if you are willing to be proactive in your approach. Remember the following

How to Improve Time Management at Work

Regardless of the profession that you are in, you may feel bombarded by multiple tasks hitting your to-do list all at the same time. It is easy to get stressed out when this happens, and you wonder how you will have time to complete everything that needs to be done. Time management is the key

5 Interview Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

I have had a few people ask me why I have a post about interviews when this blog is for entrepreneurs. By definition, entrepreneurs are business starters so they would not be going to interviews. However, I rely heavily on the business experience I have obtained in my past jobs. I believe the fastest route

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