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Make A Business Plan

Need to make a business plan? Use The Entrepreneurs Journals free, online business plan creator and make a business plan in just minutes. This online business plan will cover Business Concept Analysis, Company Description, Industry Analysis, Product or Service Analysis and Business Opportunities. This online resource is quick, easy and free. All information will be Emailed to you after submission. Make a business plan now!

Make A Business Plan Online

Step by step guide to develop a business plan.

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Business concept analysis

Fill out the questions below analyze the concept of your business.

Describe your company in detail

This is the outline of your company, be detailed.

Get to know your industry

Understand your industry will help you run a better business.

  • Personal Information
  • Business Plan Analysis
  • Company Description
  • Industry and Product Analysis

Personal Information

Business name

Short summary of your business

Full Name


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Business Concept Analysis

In one sentence, describe your business concept:

What is your business service or product?

Why do you think that this business will succeed?

Who is your target market?

Is there enough interest in this type of product or service?

How much money is required?

Company Description

What is your company’s mission?

Who will be the leaders of the company? (president, VP, treasure)

Where will your company be located?

Where will be the company’s main place of doing business?

What are the long-term plans for the business? (Expand, go public, sell to competitor, etc.)

Industry Analysis

In what industry will your company operate?

What is the overall size of the industry?

What is the growth rate of the industry?

What are any seasonal or business cycles in the industry?

What have been the main technological advances in the past five years?

What are projected technological advances in the industry for the next five years?

Do any industry standards apply to your business?

Are there any government regulatory approvals or requirements?

Are there any local or state licenses necessary for the service or product?

How is your product or service unique in this industry?

Product or Service Analysis

What is the main purpose of the product or service?

Is it a luxury item or a necessity?

What are the unique features of your product or service? (Cost, design, quality, capabilities, etc.)

What is the life of the product or service?

How does this product/service compare to competitors?

How will the product be produced or the service provided?

Is it labor or material intensive to produce or supply?

What components or supplies are necessary to produce or supply this product?

What are the maintenance or updating requirements for the product/service?

What are your development plans for this product in the future years?

Are there any known dangers associated with the manufacture, supply, or use of the product/service?

Are there any other problems or risks inherent in this type of business?

What are the costs of the needed insurance coverage?

What steps will be taken to minimize any potential liabilities, dangers, or risks?


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